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  1. The carriage conditions of the Carrier carrying out the service apply. With regard to Autoservizi Comazzi S.r.l. the General Carriage Conditions found on the www.comazzibus.com website apply;
  2. The ALIBUS travel ticket purchased online is personal, non-transferable, valid for the exact number of passengers indicated on it and is non-refundable;
  3. The ALIBUS travel ticket purchased online is already validated with the date and time of departure of the "Alibus" service chosen at the time of purchase and shown on the ticket. It allows passengers to travel from the departure time shown on the ticket and guarantees their rerouting, in the event of non-travel for any reason, on active "Alibus" services, that have available seats within the following 12 hours; In order to activate the rerouting function, simply enter the alphanumeric key found on the voucher issued (in the "Rerouting" field) when entering a new reservation; the system will suggest a list of active routes with available places which to select from. Upon confirmation, the system cancels the booking originally made and issues a new Voucher without having to pay any fees
    (NB - If the travel rerouting function is used on subsequent ALIBUS services, a place for additional or special baggage purchased is not guaranteed).
  4. The ALIBUS travel ticket purchased online must be presented to the travel staff (and at each request by the control staff) on paper or on IT device (PC, tablet, smartphone) capable of allowing correct viewing of PDF files, along with a valid identification document. Without it, the passenger is considered as having no ticket and will be regularized according to current regulations.
  5. Date/time changes can be carried out by calling +39 0324 240 333 on weekdays from Monday to Saturday before 11:00 a.m. on the day before the departure date indicated on the ticket. After this time limit the rerouting procedure applies. If customers are unable to use the reservation during the 12 hour rerouting period, they can use the reservation within 30 days from the departure date indicated on the ticket by contacting the ticket office (reversing of stops will be allowed but not the addition of paying people or luggage). Please report to our offices the inability to travel or the cancellation of the trip."
  6. All passengers have the right to free transportation of one piece of hand baggage (of standard size and weight) plus a standard size suitcase or hold baggage. All baggage must be labelled with name and address to avoid confusion. Additional baggage: Additional baggage must not exceed the size and weight of standard baggage and must be purchased along with the ALIBUS travel ticket. If it is not purchased together with the travel ticket, any additional baggage will be loaded only if there is sufficient space in the hold (in relation to the space that is visually available but reserved by other passengers) upon issue of a specific ticket by the staff onboard. Special baggage: Special baggage must be purchased along with the ALIBUS travel ticket (provided that it can be transported on the trip in question). If it is not purchased along with the ticket, the special baggage will be loaded only if there is sufficient space in the hold (in relation to the space that is visually available but reserved by other travellers) upon issue of a specific ticket by the staff onboard. The following is considered special baggage: skis, bicycles, strollers and musical instruments, etc... Certain items cannot be carried.
    IMPORTANT: In addition to the standard baggage included in the ticket, each passenger may carry one additional baggage and/or special baggage, for a fee. Certain items cannot be transported.
    IMPORTANT: In the case of special baggage, always communicate the type and size of the special baggage to the office.
  7. With regard to anything not specified above, please refer to the Autoservizi Comazzi S.r.l. General Carriage Conditions.
  8. Privacy Notice: Information regarding the Privacy Notice can be consulted at the following website address www.comazzibus.com; consent to the processing of data is required at the time of booking and mandatory for Voucher issuing.
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Confirm reservation
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PRIVACY POLICY STATEMENT: Our privacy policy can be found on our web-site www.comazzibus.com


This newsletter is to be clear and transparent about the information we are collecting and what we will use them for. We collect personal data of the user of our web-site (www.comazzibus.com) and use them, only for the current purposes and this doesn’t concern any information collected by different sources and web-site that the user can visit by links on our web-site. Regarding our web-site we collect passengers’ personal data only to allow on-line purchase to our passengers. The passenger have to consent the personal data treatment only for the purpose of providing to her/him the booking voucher.

The ‘data controller’ is Autoservizi Comazzi S.r.l., via Simonotti, 35 28021 Borgomanero (NO). In order to contact our DPO (Data Protection Officer) to oversee compliance with this policy, please write to: comazzi@comazzibus.com

In reference to the personal data of our web-site’s users, Autoservizi Comazzi S.r.l. (Data Controller on the person of the DPO) according with the article 13 of the European Rules UE 2016/679 inform you that:

  1. The personal data, voluntarily communicated to us, (for example: name, surname, address, mail, etc…) will be used only according to our ‘ PRIVACY POLICY/STATEMENTS’ for our online services. The newsletter, that the user can read while he/she is communicating personal data, gives her/him information about the personal data treatment laws, the appropriate retention period (or how we can determine it), the way in which we perform profiling activities in accordance with this Privacy Policy and every other useful information regarding the Privacy rights of the user.
  2. The personal address mail and every other personal data, voluntarily communicated to us on this web-site, are used only to perform the services you have asked for, in relation to your journey. These information are only used with these purposes and to answer passengers’ requests and cannot be opted-out of.
  3. The personal data will not be used for different purposes without your agreement.
  4. While visiting our web-site you can see that we use tracking software to monitor customer traffic patterns and site usage to help us develop the design and layout of the website. This software does not allow us to capture any personal passenger information. For more information about cookies see the ‘Cookies’ section.
    We will not retain your data for longer than it is necessary to fulfil the purpose is being proceeded for. All personal data is collected and processed in accordance with the article 32 of the GDPR law.
    The precision, the accuracy and the truth of the personal data communicated to Autoservizi Comazzi S.r.l. is under the responsibility of the passenger herself/himself. Concerning this, at the end of the booking procedure and ticket’s purchase, Autoservizi Comazzi S.r.l. will consider true and automatically active the agreement for the use of the passenger’s personal data and true every information voluntarily communicated to us and temporally stored in our system.
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Tariffs and information

€ 17,00 € 14,00

Prices for tickets issued on the bus without reservation; Customers without a reservation will be allowed on board the bus only if there are places available (without the guarantee of a seat).
In the absence of reservations, the bus may not pass through certain stops.

€ 22,00 € 18,00

For information: Domodossola – Malpensa – Domodossola line:

Tel. +39 0324 240333 - comazzi@comazzibus.com
The service is carried out by reservation only.

Departure times are compulsory: the service will not wait for any latecomers.
If the service is skipped or is irregular due to force majeure (not attributable to the company), no form of refund is expected.
You can book online on www.comazzialibus.com